Executive Bandwagon: Hybrid Cloud

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“Hybrid Cloud: what is it?” “Heck if I know, but let’s hurry up and get some!” “Agreed, I’m all in!” Summary article by Cheryl Kemp in The WHIR. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood —— Most Companies Would Ditch Infrastructure and Switch to Public or Hybrid Cloud Tomorrow: Report Sixty-five percent of companies […]

Advice from AWS on Securing the Cloud

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AWS isn’t for everyone (too true!) but they’ve serviced enough customers to have valid observations about common fears and mistakes. Regardless of cloud service provider, customers often (mis)assume that the provider owns responsibility for security. But as the AWS CISO makes clear: “It’s a shared responsibility. We [AWS] are responsible for the bottom layer. We […]

Will IT Security Suffer Due to Lack of Candidates?

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Don’t let the difficulty of finding a qualified candidate for full-time employment delay your  IT security readiness. Consider the alternatives, if even only short-term. AIS Data Centers can help. Summary article by David Weldon in FierceCIO. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood ——– Will cloud, security hires break the bank in 2015? Big data and data […]

Infographic: Cloud Security Risks, Realities

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Excessive fear and exuberant optimism abound when it comes to  the cloud. Who you gonna call? Summary by Fred Donovan in FierceITSecurity. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood ——— Infographic: 3/4 of firms rate their cloud security as fair or poor Despite the efficiency improvements and costs savings that cloud computing promises, enterprises continue […]

451 Research: 6 Cs of IT in 2015

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Yet another list of pithy predictions for 2015. Summary article by Pam Baker in FierceBigData. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood, VP Marketing —— 451 Research names ‘6 Cs’ of IT disruption for 2015 You remember 451 Research, yes? They’re a research and advisory firm that focuses on IT innovation and disruption. They […]

451 Research Cloud Price Index

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Two key quotes: “The current average cost of running a multi-service cloud application is $2.56 per hour, or around $1,850 per month, which includes bandwidth, storage, databases, compute, support and load balancing….” “…savings of up to 49 percent can be achieved by committing to a minimum usage level, so enterprises should consider alternatives to on-demand….” […]

If You’re Going to Do It… Be Safe!

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If you’re going to have AWS then you might as well practice safe AWS. Summary article by in FierceITSecurity; original posted on Porticor. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood, VP Marketing ——– Infographic: Top cloud security mistakes made by AWS users Many Amazon Web Services (AWS) users lose control of their data by […]

Gartner: Top 10 Cloud Myths

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Fall not ye into the career-limiting traps of myth, fear, and excessive optimism. Summary article by Fred Donovan in FierceITSecurity; original posted on Gartner. Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood, VP Marketing ——- Gartner says views that public cloud is insecure are wrong Challenging the common perception that the public cloud is insecure, […]

AITP Cloud Computing Conf, Nov 13 in San Diego

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November 13, 2014 | San Diego Marriott 4240 La Jolla Village Dr La Jolla, CA 92037 San Diego’s 6th Annual AITP Cloud Computing Conference Adopting the Cloud is no longer a consideration – it’s a must-do for businesses to save money and remain competitive. With Cloud spending expected to surpass $100B this year, IT leaders […]

Small Business Adoption of Cloud = 15% CAGR

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From 37% today to 78% in 2020 — the projected adoption of cloud by small business. That’s over 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). And with small business being the main driver of employment in America, that’s a lot of transformation expected to take place in the next six years. Buckle up, people! Article by […]