Savvis CIO Survey

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We respect Savvis; it’s a great company helping lead the data center services industry forward. AIS CEO Tim Caulfield was an executive at Savvis. The Dec. 7 press release below highlights some key findings that affect all of us in the Enterprise IT business; here are three: Two thirds of industry frontrunners admit to unnecessary infrastructure purchases. CIOs now say …

The CTO Speaks: AWS vs. AIS BusinessCloud1

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For any given use case, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has vastly superior resources and, given time and investment, could (and sometimes does) focus them to provide a superior solution. The problem is that this type of focus — providing a customized solution — is not Amazon’s forte. Amazon has become what it is today through the strength of automation and standardization. …

Article: Is IT Outsourcing a Dying Concept?

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According to a recent survey by outsourcing analyst firm HfS Research, 63 percent of IT leaders would like to drop the term “outsourcing” to describe the IT services provided to them by third-parties and 68 percent of IT service providers want to do away with the designation.

Yes Indeed, Look at Our BBB Rating (Hint: A+)

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Lately a certain few folks — green with envy — have been talking trash about AIS and trying to have prospects believe that we’re even in the same tier of business as they are. They’ve even stooped to implying that our Better Business Bureau rating is something other than stellar. So please see for yourself, either here or at the BBB website.

10 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Data Center

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This article comes from TechRepublic and underscores many “lessons learned” by companies who did not plan adequately for security, expansion, manageability, and more. Good news: with over 600 clients and 23 years in the service business, AIS is well-experienced in helping customers do things right the first time. From cloud services to redundant power to structured cabling, we can help …

Culture Shift on IT Outsourcing, Cloud Computing

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I thought the content of this recent Savvis press release was interesting enough to warrant re-posting in its entirety. The findings are completely relevant and consistent with what we see with our own clients and prospects. What is YOUR experience and what are YOUR opinions on IT outsourcing? Emphasis in red added by me. Brian Wood, VP of Marketing ——— …

Expert Tip: Considerations for Data Center Selection

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Our team of experts has come up with some suggestions on what to look for when selecting a data center for colocation purposes.  They touch upon Power Distribution, Connectivity, HVAC, Security and amenities. Another thing to ponder is the human aspect.  If you have any questions for our experts, click here: You can also talk to someone on our ProServices …