Mobile Device Management

More and more organizations are using mobile device strategies and Bring Your Own Device initiatives to increase productivity by empowering collaboration and flexibility across multiple geographic locations. But mobile device endpoints require constant management and security and are increasingly vulnerable to attack.

Your organization probably doesn’t have time to spend managing the many endpoints scattered across your network. Doing so is time-consuming and difficult and requires a dedicated IT department, which isn’t cheap.

With the right endpoint management solution, you can manage and secure all of the endpoints within a system to make sure you maximize the value of your mobile device strategy—all while shrinking the size of your IT department and staying within your budget.

AIS Mobile Device Management

Our Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution reduces the time it takes for your organization to manage and secure your endpoints and reap the benefits of your mobile strategy. We provide a first line of defense across your Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android devices, as well as consistent policies and compliance requirements for every device regardless of make or model, ensuring the safety of business and personal data.

With remote setup capabilities, you can configure your BYOD or corporate-owned devices remotely with an extensive selection of policies, profiles and configuration options. This enables you to reduce the time you spend on managing help desk calls and all the associated risks that come with a lengthy and unorganized setup process.

Our mobile device management solution offers the following benefits:

  • iOS, Android and Windows management capabilities
  • End-to-end security
  • Mobile application support
  • Visibility into endpoint activity
  • Web protection and filtering

AIS’s mobile device management solution enables you to business data safe and personal data private. And our container-only management ensures a frictionless BYOD policy by enabling administrators to exercise control over corporate data content without infringing on users’ privacy. Other features of our mobile management solution include:

  • Containers for email, documents, and web content
  • Manage and configure Office 365 apps on iOS and Android devices
  • Flexible self-service portal to maximize user efficiency
  • Extensive support for Android enterprise

And with our mobile security offering, you can protect your devices without compromising performance. Our leading antimalware technology provides next-generation anti-virus and ransomware protection, which enables you to retain complete control over all of your mobile devices. When a device is compromise, you receive an immediate notification and can initiate a remediating action or automatically revoke access to corporate resources to ensure the safety of your enterprise.

AIS can simplify all aspects of mobile device management, from configuration to ongoing security and support. When you rely on AIS’s device management solution, you can spend more time on your core competencies and less time managing your mobile endpoints.

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