Firewall Management

Your IT infrastructure is as only as good as its firewall. If your firewall isn’t monitoring traffic as well as it should, or if it allows incoming traffic it shouldn’t, your data and mission critical applications are at risk. AIS’s advanced firewall management services provide you with greater insight into your network.

In an increasingly hostile IT environment, an outdated firewall leaves your organization vulnerable to a range of rapidly evolving threats. Frequent crashes, reduced productivity, and network latency issues will inevitably become more common — unless you take the time to manage your firewall properly.

AIS Managed Firewall Solution

AIS offers a comprehensive firewall management solution which leverages adaptive security management technologies and virtual private networking to enhance the security of your organization. Depending on your needs, AIS can take on management of an existing environment or design and deploy a custom firewall from scratch.

With AIS’s firewall solution, you can guard your environment against advanced malware and application-layer attacks while preparing for the evolving threats of the future. With increased application awareness and insight into your environment, you can better determine which applications are safe and which should be classified as risky.

Our Firewall management solution can help your organization:

  • Identify risky applications to ensure safety across all networked devices
  • Implement and manage your uniquely designed security policies
  • Detect and report threats and suspicious activity
  • Continually scan for vulnerabilities
  • Perform Firewall Policy and Compliance Analysis (PCA)

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