AIS can optimize your network to create a consistent experience, predictable application performance and enhanced security protection.

The rise of distributed workforces, mobile and IoT devices and real-time business applications is putting a burden on companies to improve their network efficiency. Companies must adapt to support more people in more locations with more data requirements than ever before — all while improving speed and lowering operating costs.

A Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) virtualizes network resources to automate the flow of traffic, directing traffic based on priority applications and customer-defined conditions. This improves latency issues and avoids costly downtime, while taking advantage of lower cost bandwidth options.

AIS designs and deploys SD-WAN solutions tailored to you needs, but each network is:


New locations are easier to deploy and scale, enabling rapid expansion in minutes.


In a software environment, the virtual services layer finds the fastest and highest quality path — every time.


Deploy, monitor, update, and maintain cyber security protocols at the foundational level, with uniform security for each location.


SD-WAN can reduce transport costs by 30-70% and reduces the need for over-provisioning of resources.

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I was working with Valentin from your facilities department today on the power conversion and his attention to detail and service exceeded my expectations. Valentin and his group should be commended for their work.  I was so impressed by his work and demeanor, please pass on my thanks to Valentin and his team. Jason Stewart, professional engineerSchneider Electric

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