High Availability and Load Balancing Services

High Availability Matters: Choose AIS BusinessAvailability

Whether for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity purposes, or for ensuring optimal performance of mission critical applications, companies need managed high availability services that can seamlessly re-direct traffic to servers in operational data centers as necessary — plus provide customized performance-based load-balancing to ensure that the user experience is optimized.

AIS BusinessAvailability provides high availability solutions for all possible scenarios.

AIS BusinessAvailability provides state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity through the use of high availability hosting and enterprise-grade infrastructure and highly redundant, geographically-diverse data centers.

AIS BusinessAvailability consists of two basic services and several bundled services that utilize F5 Networks global and local traffic managers for monitoring the state of the target servers and the location of the requesting client, and then directing traffic accordingly.

Highlights of AIS BusinessAvailability:

  • State-of-the-art local and global load balancing technology
  • High-performance private network between data centers
  • Expert engineering and support staff
  • Extensive transit and peering network
  • Fully monitored and managed service

AIS Business Availability consists of multiple options:

  • AIS Local HA provides server-level load balancing and failure detection plus custom service monitoring through the use of enterprise-class hardware from F5 Networks.
  • AIS Global HA is operated from two geographically-diverse data centers (AIS San Diego and AIS Phoenix). It provides DNS-level load balancing and failure detection through the use of enterprise-class hardware from F5 Networks.
  • AIS Total HA combines AIS Local HA and AIS Global HA services into an integrated hardware solution designed for quick recovery and business continuity. It leverages the AIS private optical network that runs between the San Diego and Phoenix data centers — providing high-performance, secure connectivity that enables real-time data replication and service delivery from multiple points on the Internet.

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