Advanced ISP Services

AIS offers a range of ISP services designed to help your organization make the most of your network and streamline your business operations.

Our guess is that you’re used to calling your local carrier to deliver bandwidth to your facility. You might even get a second connection as a backup to ensure connectivity.

We take this to an entirely different level.

Whether you need connectivity for your server in the data center or a more robust connection at your facility, we’ve taught our internet a whole bunch of new tricks that you may not have seen before. Cloud routes to AWS and Azure, multiple carriers over one connection and connectivity designed to move large amounts of data are just a few of the ways we bring more than just a hand-off to the party.

You don’t have time to waste with slow download speeds and frequent outages. You need a provider who can offer fast, reliable internet connection and related services enabling you to quickly access all the applications necessary for day-to-day operations from anywhere and any device.

  • Premium-multi-homed blended bandwidth
  • 10 Tier 1 service providers and exchanges
  • Fully redundant routers and switches at each location
  • Big data bandwidth
  • Single carrier connectivity
  • Cloud connect capabilities

Single Carrier Connectivity

When it comes to bandwidth, internet connection speeds and reliability, every organization has different needs.

AIS works with organizations to understand their challenges, mission-critical goals and resources before offering a customized solution.

For customers looking for an internet services option with lower costs than our Premium Blend or Big Data Bandwidth and satisfied with standard quality and reliability, AIS offers single-carrier connectivity capabilities, available from 1Gbps to 10Gbps. Affordable enough to fit within tight IT budgets but efficient enough to get the job done, our single carrier connectivity offering might be right for your organization.

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