AIS provides an expansive portfolio of network services so your customers, employees, and systems are always connected.

AIS designs, implements and manages networks that are secure, highly reliable, and optimized to deliver end user access anytime, anyplace, and on any device. Our people, processes, and technology support an integrated network infrastructure, enabling you to achieve greater collaboration and responsiveness.

We offer a fully redundant network providing our clients scalable solutions for their business systems in our modern data centers and cloud infrastructure. Our secure and reliable high-performance network connectivity solutions are offered through our regional Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network which allows real-time service delivery from multiple points on the Internet to any of our data centers.


Our network offerings include:

Advanced ISP Services

Not all internet is created equal. Our Advanced ISP services provide you with multiple carriers over one connection to provide cost effective, high speed connectivity without any of the downtime. We’ll handle configuration, automation, interconnection, and management of IP services for your entire network.

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DDoS Mitigation

In today’s threat landscape, DDoS attacks are nearly impossible to avoid, but AIS can help you aggressively resist attacks so you can carry on with business as usual, even while under fire.

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Inter-Data Center Transport

AIS offers flexible options for multiple interfaces, network configurations, and bandwidths up to 160 Gbps, with dark fiber and dedicated MPLS options.

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Public Cloud Connectivity

Direct connections to cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure enable your organization to maximize the benefits of on-prem data center services and public cloud environments to enhance the agility and scalability of your operations. AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute provide robust one-hop connections to these popular public cloud providers.

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Managed Network

AIS can support your expansion to new sites, bandwidth upgrades, and equipment management. We take on these tasks which allows you to focus on your core business. With the network built, operated, and secured by us, you can direct your energy to what adds value for your customers.

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