Managed Services

Managed Services

Your focus should be on the innovation  that will grow your business, without the never-ending distraction of managing your IT. With AIS managed services, we become an extension of your internal IT resources.  AIS offers tailored business solutions for connectivity, security, storage, backup and recovery. Our solutions portfolio allows your business to take advantage of the infrastructure and expertise we have been building since 1989 without the capital expenditures, maintenance or staffing required to build it yourself. Grow your business, not your IT department with AIS managed services.

Business Continuity

AIS offers advanced business continuity and disaster avoidance solutions that enable you to prepare for the worst-case scenario. We can work with you to assess your mission-critical systems and determine a plan that keeps you up and running, no matter what comes your way.

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Managed OS

You don’t have time to waste managing your operating systems. AIS has the technical expertise to manage your operating system for you, allowing you to increase uptime and redundancy while prioritizing security and meeting your compliance standards.

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Managed Monitoring

If you’re looking to maximize the value of your IT investments, you need to know all the ins and outs of your IT infrastructure, from hardware to software to network resources.

With the right Managed Monitoring offering, you can gain insight into all of your infrastructure operations while shrinking the size of your IT department and reducing capital expenditures.

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AIS offers a comprehensive, enterprise-class, cybersecurity solution that protects your business across all potential attack vectors and fulfills all compliance requirements without any upfront capital expenditures. Our full-featured security solution consists of premises and cloud-based security services including Firewall Management, Network Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Log Management and Vulnerability Scans. The AIS security solution satisfied all compliance requirements with Web Application Firewall (WAF), File Integrity Management (FIM) and Firewall Policy and Compliance Analysis (PCA).

Security overview:

  • Firewall Management
  • Network Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)
  • Log Management
  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • File Integrity Management (FIM)
  • Firewall Policy and Compliance Analysis (PCA)

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Managed Storage

AIS offers robust, scalable, on-demand storage solutions for any application. Standard packages and custom solutions are available to fit any need, allowing your business to rapidly scale storage capability without the capital expenditure associated with purchasing, installing and maintaining equipment. Geo-redundant storage replication is available between our San Diego and Phoenix data centers, allowing secure offsite storage in a different geography. The AIS storage infrastructure is interconnected across our network, making data replication and retrieval fast and secure from any location.

Storage overview:

  • Avoid capital expense for incremental storage
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Decrease the operational costs of storing and managing your data
  • Eliminate routine data management tasks in order to focus on your core business
  • Safeguard data from both external threats and internal problems
  • Recover data quickly and easily
  • On-demand storage available for any application
  • Storage replication between Phoenix and San Diego
  • Geo-redundant Data Replication available between our San Diego and Phoenix data centers

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Disaster Recovery

AIS Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions make planning for the worst simple and easy to implement. AIS works closely with each client to create tailored continuity and recovery plan to ensure your business stays fully operational in the event of a natural disaster, intrusion, cyberattack or other situation. The AIS private, secure MPLS transport connecting our 5 San Diego data centers with our Van Buren data center in Phoenix, provides rapid, geo-redundant backup and recovery over a highly redundant, diversely routed network. The AIS storage infrastructure is fully interconnected across our network, allowing rapid, secure data replication and recovery between our San Diego and Phoenix locations.

Our continuity and recovery team will:

  • Assess your business continuity needs
  • Design a tailored recovery and continuity solution
  • Implement the solution on our hardware, testing thoroughly
  • Operate, continuous monitoring, maintenance and testing

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