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AIS Van Buren Data Center (VBDC) in downtown Phoenix provides enterprise-class colocation and cloud services and is a popular site for disaster recovery implementations. VBDC is built to the most rigorous of standards, with 2N redundant power and a dedicated central plant for cooling. As a carrier-neutral facility, with multiple fiber vaults providing diverse points of entry, VBDC is a premier point of interconnection for many of the world’s leading carriers and network service providers.

Van Buren offers colocation and cloud services and access to AWS and Microsoft Azure direct connect over our private MPLS network.


Van Buren offers fully featured colocation services capable of serving clients of all sizes from custom cages to affordable multi-sized locking cabinets. Clients can select from our portfolio of managed network connectivity services including performance-routed IP and seamless Layer 3 VPN transport to any remote AIS data center.

Cloud Services

Van Buren offers AIS Cloud services and access to our direct connection to AWS and Microsoft Azure via our private MPLS network. Clients with equipment at any of the AIS data centers can access Van Buren cloud services over our private MPLS network.

Private Network

All AIS data centers are connected by a private MPLS network, allowing clients in any of the AIS facilities to access cloud services or direct connection to AWS or Microsoft Azure. The AIS network allows clients to take advantage of fast, secure, geo-redundant backup and recovery from other AIS data centers.


Van Buren is located in downtown Phoenix, ranked by Risk and Insurance magazine as the 2nd safest city in the United States due to the relative lack of natural disasters, making Van Buren a ideal location for disaster recovery within the AIS data center network.

All AIS Data Centers provide:

Redundant Optical Network

Our private, secure MPLS network provides low-latency, redundant Layer 3 VPN service between each facility and allows real-time service delivery from multiple points on the Internet.

Connections to Major Providers

Premium Blended Bandwidth with Tier 1 carriers AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Level 3, NTT, Sprint, Verizon, XO and direct peering via Any2 and Cenic International Internet Exchanges. Transport and MetroE providers include AboveNet, AT&T, Cogent, Comcast, Cox, Integra, Level 3, SRP, TelePacific, TransTelco, TWC, Wilcon, XO and Zayo. Additional connections available through premium providers.

Cooling and Power

AIS has the capacity and capability to provide power and cooling for high density cabinets, up to 15kW without any special considerations. 2N redundant power distribution, including UPS and generator with a dedicated central cooling plant is standard at the Lightwave and Van Buren data centers. N+1 is provided at Tech Center and Fiber Alley data centers. Custom cooling and Cold Aisle Containment is available for loads greater than 15kW.


All AIS data centers utilize ITIL v3 service architecture and pass periodic SSAE 18, Type 2, SOC 1, 2, and 3 audits.


All AIS data centers feature a full range of modern security measures, including 24x7x365 onsite personnel, remote door release at facility mantrap and entrance, geometric hand scanners or biometric readers, digital card access at all data center doors, and 90 day storage on the CCTV digital surveillance system. All client equipment is tagged upon arrival and logged for monitoring.


AIS operates 6 enterprise class, carrier-neutral data centers. Located across San Diego and in Phoenix, Colocation with AIS offers convenient access and full integration across all network facilities.

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