With years of experience providing next-generation data center services for customers across a variety of industries, AIS is uniquely positioned to design and build right-sized solutions to solve your most complex technology challenges.

We serve a variety of industries, adapting to the unique needs of each. For some, security and compliance are paramount; for others, access and flexibility come first. No matter your situation or industry, AIS has the people, processes, and technology to meet your needs.


The technology sector today requires a scalable data center partner that offers enterprise-class cloud and managed services. The ability to design and deploy right-sized solutions quickly and efficiently to address any business challenge while reducing capital expenditures and improving system management is where AIS excels.

Life Sciences:

AIS knows that the IT workloads in the life sciences industry are resource intensive. We provide an array of data center and cloud solutions to help today’s scientific research teams revolutionize their IT infrastructure to deliver greater compute power with lower costs while driving breakthroughs in bioinformatics, cell biology, immunology, pharmacology, and other related fields.

Financial Services:

Leveraging AIS’s data center services allows financial institutions to keep up with the increasing speed of business while processing and storing vast amounts of data, without compromising on security or disaster recovery plans.

Managed Service Providers:

Geographically diverse data centers, 24x7x365 customer support, and redundant networks make AIS the partner of choice for managed service providers. If your organization requires a cutting-edge data center services partner to efficiently store and process all of its customers’ data and support hybrid IT environments, we should be at the top of your list.


More and more E-commerce organizations recognize that cloud alone can’t help them control costs, maintain security, and optimize performance. AIS enables e-commerce enterprises to offload their IT infrastructure to our secure data centers in order to focus on projects that increase application speeds and optimize transactions.


Successful manufacturers are moving their IT infrastructure to AIS’s geographically diverse colocation facilities and cloud platforms to create solutions that scale with their changing needs.

Information Services:

If your organization provides information services, you can rely on AIS to simplify data collection, provide access to cloud resources, and help you deliver value to your clients.


Hotel chains, restaurants and other organizations in the hospitality industry are turning to AIS for their data center needs, enabling them to monitor and interpret data, improve guest experience, and streamline payment processing.


Government agencies can meet all of their security and compliance mandates by leveraging AIS’s security-as-a-service solutions, high availability data centers, hybrid cloud deployments, and a variety of managed services to support the growing demands of IT workloads.


Next-generation data center technology allows colleges, universities, and school districts to lower operational costs while improving the performance and security of critical data, thereby improving the entire educational experience for students and faculty.


Healthcare agencies collect, store and manage large amounts of highly sensitive patient health data. With AIS’s data center and cloud solutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance firms, and biotech organizations can meet their compliance requirements while reducing capital expenditures and maintaining the ability to scale capacity as needed.


The DoD faces a variety of technology challenges at home and around the globe. AIS provides leading data center, cloud solutions and managed services customized to meet these challenges and support field communication, ensure compliance, and protect sensitive data.

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We are delighted to be working inside the AIS data center to provide full service managed storage to enterprise clients. We understand the importance of Phoenix in the disaster recovery market and have the processes, systems and culture in place to become a seamless extension of the IT services team for any sized organization. John Nash, CEO and founderPhreedom Technologies

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