Structured Cabling

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you don’t have time to waste with inefficient or costly cabling.

Communication today is faster than it’s ever been, and the expectation is that your organization can gather, process and transmit information across systems quickly. From providing telephone services to transmitting data across your network, your infrastructure needs to be capable of supporting a variety of mission-critical processes.

With the right structured cabling solution, your organization can leverage infrastructure that delivers predictable performance, redundancy and heat management — without sacrificing flexibility and scalability.

Voice and Data Cabling

If you want efficient, reliable communication between your devices, you need structured voice and data cabling. The right cabling solution is essential for your organization — it enables you to connect your end-devices to your network, ensure communication across the network, and support complex applications.

Cabling projects should be planned and executed with precision and care. Faulty, inconsistent wiring leads to costly downtime and delayed communication. You need structured cabling infrastructure that allows you to collect and transmit information quickly across your network to support all of your mission-critical processes.

AIS has years of experience providing voice and data cabling infrastructure for customers, enabling them to secure reliable and timely communication speeds while preventing errors and allowing for expansion based on your future needs.

We tailor our voice and data cabling offerings according to your needs, whether it’s in a cage, building, suite or campus. Regardless of the location, we provide tidy installs to optimize airflow.

We offer the following voice and data horizontal cabling options:

  • Cat5e: Copper ethernet cabling for your LAN that provides standard performance
  • Cat6: Copper ethernet cabling containing four pairs of copper wiring and higher performance levels
  • Fiber Optic: Glass cabling offering higher speeds and more bandwidth than copper wiring


Moving valuables is always stressful but moving the lifeblood of your business should be taken with the utmost planning, care and precision. Anything less could be disastrous.

Maybe you have outgrown your current data center environment, or you’re looking to reduce overall operating expenses, or you’d like to the added security features at a colocation facility. Whatever your reason, the complex and challenging task of relocating is often a deterrent. But it doesn’t have to be.

AIS understands a data center relocation is more than just unplugging a server and plugging it back in somewhere else. It is a complex and challenging endeavor to ensure your data stays secure, your equipment stays in tact and your critical systems stay online. We have the expertise to handle a wide range of relocations, from complex enterprises to small business.

Our relocation services include:

  • Evaluation, Documentation and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Professional De-Installation and Packing
  • Specialized Transportation and/or Shipping
  • Professional Installation and Cabling
  • Access Configuration
  • Equipment Insurance


Our team has expert knowledge of industry protocols needed to provide your organization with structured cabling tailored to address your unique needs, no matter your location. When you choose AIS for your infrastructure cabling needs, you get the following capabilities:

  • Custom cabling solutions for your cage, suite, building or campus
  • Copper and fiber cables, depending on your equipment
  • Labeled and documented cables that meet industry standards
  • Modular architectures for flexibility
  • Tidy and efficient installs for optimal airflow

Our engineers will work with you to understand your infrastructure needs and propose the appropriate, fully-customized solution.

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