Professional Services

AIS Data Center Professional Services enable you to implement and manage your data center solution to cut costs by reducing downtime and improving performance.

When it comes to modernizing your IT infrastructure, there’s no shortage of questions you need to answer before designing a roadmap forward. Should you invest in an in-house data center? If you do, are you prepared to provide adequate power and cooling? Is it time to start looking at colocation solutions? Where does your cloud strategy come into play?

Whatever your decision, you need to make sure you’re leveraging the full extent of the data center technology at your disposal — whether in-house or outsourced — so you can maximize scalability, flexibility and stability while controlling costs, driving collaboration, and providing timely customer service and support.

AIS Professional Services

With AIS professional services, you gain access to all of the tools you need to make the most of your data center strategy. From data center consulting services to buy/build analysis, our team has the experience and technical expertise to help your organization analyze your current data center’s capabilities, identify inefficiencies, and gain valuable insight into an array of data center solutions. The result is the ability to choose the option that best addresses your unique needs.

Whether you’re designing a new data center or offloading to one of our data centers in Phoenix, Los Angeles, or San Diego, our professional services team will help you avoid expensive downtime while maintaining security, compliance, and control.

While we offer a wide of Professional Data Center Services, but our most requested include:

Rack & Stack: Our trained data center installation experts will design the rack suited to your needs, mount the hardware, wire your rack, verify the configuration and power your equipment, all with full documentation and inventory.

Remote Hands: Sometimes you need an extra set of hands, and that’s what our Remote Hands services provide. We can complete emergency or routine tasks, such as cabling and wiring, physical labor like moving equipment, inventory audits, shipping and receiving.

Staff Augmentation: Fluctuating staff levels is a common concern for IT staff – we can help fill in your staffing gaps. Our certified technicians can meet your day-to-day needs, or fill in specific skill sets missing on your team, whether it be for weeks, months or long-term.

Structured Cabling: AIS professional services team offers tailored structured cabling to keep your IT infrastructure running cool and efficiently. Our team uses industry accepted protocols, indexing and databasing all connections to prevent errors and simplify expansion. Properly structured cabling in a cabinet, rack, enclosure or data center allows for higher density, efficient change management, optimized airflow and heat management.

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