Data Center

The data center is the cornerstone of your IT, housing your business’s most critical data and systems. AIS delivers the reliable and resilient services you need to meet growing workload demands.

Cloud is an important consideration; however, it is not the right choice for every workload. When it comes to your data and mission-critical applications, you need the peace of mind that comes from knowing the stability and reliability of the system is in your hands. Some applications can run productively in the cloud by leveraging efficiencies of scale while improving access and potentially lowering costs. Situations that may be better suited to a data center include:

  • High bandwidth utilization applications
  • Low latency requirements
  • Highly regulated workloads
  • Compliance requirements
  • Substantial data storage needs
  • Mission-critical applications

AIS data centers provide a high-performance environment for your critical IT hardware, without the cost of building and maintaining the infrastructure.

What you can expect from AIS data centers:


With 24x7x365 demand for your products and services – there’s no room for delay. AIS’s blended bandwidth, as well as redundant power, cooling, and backup systems, help you maintain constant connectivity.


Your data is a valuable asset, and we treat it as such. Our data centers provide comprehensive security measures to give you peace of mind, including 24x7x365 on-site security officers, mantrap entries, biometric readers, digital card access and digital surveillance systems.


Utilizing AIS’s facilities means you don’t have the cost of building your own data center, paying staff to be available 24×7, or maintaining power and cooling infrastructure. Our colocation facilities allow you to have a predictable, affordable data center solution without sacrificing on quality or security.


Our data center facilities can easily adapt to support your future growth. Whether that’s starting with a single server and growing to several racks, or several cabinets growing to a private suite, we can provide the right fit for your needs.


Carrier-neutral colocation facilities provide you with a marketplace of network service providers that compete for your business. Leverage cost savings and performance benefits with our Premium Blend or utilize our direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure to reduce the transfer costs associated with public cloud infrastructure.


All AIS data centers feature 24x7x365 onsite dedicated Client Services Engineers. We are at the ready to be your remote hands and eyes, able to assist with anything from a simple reboot to full rack-and-stack services when you need it.


As data and connectivity demands continue to rise, colocation is becoming a preferred method to improve performance, increase flexibility, and reduce costs.

Many organizations lack the capacity, or capital resources, to build and run their own world-class data center, but still need the control and security they can’t find in an all-cloud solution. Colocation offers a right-sized solution with room for growth. AIS’s data centers provide you with the redundancy you need to give you peace of mind that your mission-critical applications and highly valuable data remain accessible and secure.

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Structured Cabling

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you don’t have time to waste with inefficient or costly cabling.

Communication today is faster than it’s ever been, and the expectation is that your organization can gather, process and transmit information across systems quickly. From providing telephone services to transmitting data across your network, your infrastructure needs to be capable of supporting a variety of mission-critical processes.

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Professional Services

AIS Data Center Professional Services enable you to implement and manage your data center solution to cut costs by reducing downtime and improving performance.

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Outsourced Operations

Operating an in-house data center isn’t easy — or cheap.
Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and requires constant maintenance and monitoring services, not to mention a dedicated IT staff. However, the level of resources necessary to support your business can be costly for your organization. And as your firm grows, your IT requirements will too.

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