Hyper V Community Cloud

AIS Hyper-V Community Cloud gives you the advantages of the public cloud without the risk of sharing resources with a questionable or risky organization.

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AIS has the technical expertise to provision all of the resources your organization needs within our Hyper-V Community Cloud environment. AIS will work with you to connect your existing VMware subnets to the new AIS platform, allowing for a smooth resource migration and seamless communication between environments. We can also assist in converting your existing VMware based virtual machine disks to Hyper-V compatible to streamline the migration process.

When you choose AIS Hyper-V Community Cloud, you get the following benefits:

  • Ability to replicate between Redundant clouds in San Diego and Phoenix
  • Access to resources provided using well known Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager interface
  • Both standard and high-performance storage options, depending on your needs
  • Perimeter network security for the environment via AIS’ Managed Advanced Firewall service
  • Synchronization to the Microsoft Azure Cloud for disaster preparedness

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