Community Cloud

Thought your cloud options stopped at public, private and hybrid? Think again. AIS Community Cloud can ensure your business gets the performance, scalability, security, legal, and price structure it needs.

AIS Community Cloud offers the security, privacy, and regulatory compliance of a private cloud, but with the cost savings of a public cloud environment. Our Community Cloud is a multi-tenant platform in which several organizations with similar needs operate under a shared infrastructure as a service agreement. Each organization has its own logical cloud space, built with the common security, privacy, and compliance requirements of the community.

AIS customers with rigid compliance mandates such as those in the healthcare, financial services, government, and legal sectors find Community Cloud an attractive option when private cloud is too expensive but public cloud infrastructure is too fraught with security challenges.

AIS can work with your needs to ensure the right balance of Community Cloud resources to meet your needs. With our Community Cloud, you can take advantage of additional data center services offered by AIS to ensure that low latency applications, or workloads with greater compliance requirements, are situated in the environment that delivers the hybrid cloud performance necessary to meet your clients’ needs.

The Virtual Data Center

AIS knows data centers — that’s where we got our start, and how we built our success. We have a deep understanding of how to keep your data secure while limiting latency and downtime. AIS Community Cloud is the evolution of our data centers. With the AIS Community Cloud, network, compute, and storage resources are provided in the form of a Virtual Data Center which is completely isolated for each customer.

Our infrastructure-as-a-service leverages industry-leading hypervisors, VMware and Hyper-V, to provide flexibility in cloud deployments. VMware with vCloud Director and Hyper-V with Azure Pack provide intuitive point-and-click interfaces to manage your environment. Adjust resources with the click of a mouse and add virtual machines with ease to expand your computing power as necessary.

As with all our cloud solutions, AIS Community Cloud takes advantage of our geo-redundant data centers and private MPLS network for truly versatile, secure, and scalable cloud solutions.

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