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The question of utilizing “The Cloud” is not either/or, or even when. According to recent studies, organizations that have adopted cloud services on average have experienced a 20.66% improvement in time to market, 18.80% increase in process efficiency and 15.07% reduction in overall IT spending.

There’s no question the Cloud is can transform your business, but as important is making sure your cloud solution is flexible, secure and reliable — that’s where AIS comes in.

All of our Cloud solutions are designed to create an optimal environment for your business needs, delivering:

  • Expert Engineering Support
  • Highest Performance Levels
  • Tailored Hybrid Solutions
  • Security Compliance & Control
  • Rapidly Scalable Infrastructure
  • Best-in-Breed Mentality

AIS Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows for public, private or hybrid cloud deployments that take advantage of our geo-redundant data centers and private MPLS network.

AIS cloud services are available at our Lightwave Data Center in San Diego and Van Buren Data Center in Phoenix. Colocation customers at other AIS data centers can access cloud services over our private MPLS network. Metro ethernet connections from offsite locations to any AIS data center also allow private, secure connections to the AIS cloud.

Using the popular and proven VMware suite, clients can add and remove “virtual machines” via vCloud Director, an intuitive point-and-click interface, extracting the application performance they require on a very flexible and cost-efficient basis. AIS provides client-specific Network, Compute, and Storage resources – a virtual data center (vDC) – on a fully-managed, extremely secure platform accessible via the Internet — or, for greater flexibility and security, a dedicated connection.

Benefits of AIS Cloud Services:

  • No single point of failure
  • Purpose-built for maximum performance
  • Full and flexible control over resources
  • Sitting on the most reliable private regional network in Southern CA
  • Rapid and easy scalability
  • VMware offers a familiar and trusted environment
  • Experienced team of cloud experts available to assist you
  • Private, secure Layer-3 VPN to geo-redundant data center locations

AIS Cloud Infrastructure


AIS brings decades of industry and vendor best practices to our cloud infrastructure, resulting in an optimized hardware and software environment engineered for enterprise success with features like:

  • Redundant I/O paths and segregated management traffic from the storage network
  • VMware’s latest Quality of Service (QoS) features, like Network / Storage I/O and dynamic resource scheduling (DRS)
  • SSD-based vhost local caching
  • NetApp Flash Cache

AIS cloud services offer a full array of security-minded networking options:

  • Firewalled access to internal or external networks (VMware vShield)
  • Direct Internet access
  • Private switched access to client colocation or corporate facilities
  • No Internet access: all operations kept internal to the client’s vDC
  • Clients may also configure unlimited, completely isolated internal networks with VMware’s built-in security features.

Physical security is assured with SSAE 16 compliant, SOC 1, 2, and 3 audited access controls standard at every AIS facility.


AIS Cloud services are built with complete redundancy from the ground up so your resources will be available no matter what happens.

Every piece of Arista, Cisco, Dell, and NetApp equipment is:

  • Configured to eliminate any single point of failure
  • A/B powered from separate uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • Dual-power supplied or powered from a static transfer switch
  • Redundant and diversified network access
  • Self-healing system architecture with automated failover
  • VMware vCloud Director self-provisioning system requires no human intervention
  • Continuous monitoring of services and subsystems by VMware vCenter Operations application
  • External monitoring and vCenter Operations provide fault isolation and capacity planning for system resources

All AIS Data Centers are committed to Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards for establishing and operating IT service management as well as continuous improvement.


AIS Cloud Services provide easy, rapid deployment of individual virtual machines (VMs) or entire applications (vApps). Additional resources are available on demand with no human intervention required.

VMware’s vCloud Director API (application programming interface) allows clients to manage resources from within their existing vCenter management portal. Connecting their vDC via Layer 3 VPN allows large data sets to be stored and processed quickly.

Contact AIS to learn how a customized AIS Cloud Services solution can benefit your organization:

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