Cloud Services in San Diego, Phoenix

AIS is the premier choice for cloud services in southern California. With a diverse data center footprint plus direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure, businesses can realize complex cloud architectures with unequalled flexibility, convenience and security.

Cloud Solutions from AIS provide:

  • Tailored hybrid solutions
  • Expert engineering support
  • Highest performance levels
  • Security, compliance and control
  • Rapidly-scalable infrastructure
  • Direct connections to AWS and Azure


A New Era of Hybrid Cloud Architecture

AIS is a full-stack technology solutions company, offering a full range of services to meet the business needs of today into tomorrow. From colocation to networking, storage and application level support to complete solution design, AIS can build the optimal environment for your business needs. The question of utilizing “The Cloud” is not either/or. AIS is ready to help your company place workloads in the optimal environment, from on premise to the public Cloud.


A Full-Stack Hybrid Environment

AIS offers a full range of solutions to meet the most challenging of business needs:

  • Colocation
  • Storage
  • Networking and Transport
  • Shared Cloud
  • Private Infrastructure
  • Direct Connection to AWS and Azure
  • Application Level Support


Tailored Solutions

Our team of experienced engineers will carefully assess your needs and future plans. Working closely with your team, we create a fully customized, hybrid architecture using best-in-breed technology from trusted providers. All AIS solutions aim to provide the highest level of security with the flexibility to meet changing demands.

Once installed, AIS performs continuous analysis and optimization to ensure the solution meets all current and future client specifications and requirements. After launch, AIS Client Service Engineers provide 24/7/365 monitoring and service, ensuring you have the support you need when you need it.

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We are pleased that AIS has entered the VMware Service Provider Program at the Enterprise level. Geoff Waters, vice president, global channel partnersVMware

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